Rare is it that I finish a book, stand up, and clap out loud for it. A tip of the hat and a bow to Stephanie Garber. Whimsical, fantastical, breathtaking, this novel appealed to me for so many reasons.

1. I’m a sucker for YA romance. I know to many it’s the worst things ever but oh well get over yourself.

2. I’m an enormous fan of books that can make me feel something. This book had me (still has me) on my toes. I trusted no one, no situation, nothing. I embarked on the rollercoaster under the stars, plummeting through darkness. And the smells! Oh goodness the smells and sights and feels in this book. I may just read it over immediately to enjoy it again. It’s as though I could smell and taste and feel the astounding game of Caraval. Truly breathtaking work of art.

3. Often times in books with many twists the twists become so many that the plot no longer makes sense. Not so with Caraval. This book twists and turns like no other and leaves me wanting more. It piques my curiosity and engulfs my mind and heart in an insatiable thirst for more Caraval and, namely, for answers to all my questions.

All in all probably one of my favorite books I’ve read all year. 5-stars for this awe-inspiring book.

Buy Caraval Here


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