Rating: 4/5 Stars
I would recommend you read this book if: you like the Percy Jackson books, you like magical stories, you want to escape back to childhood for a while
Why I picked it up: My brother picked it out for me, see video here
Location book is set in: Ireland
Genre: Children’s, Middle Grade, Fantasy
Published: 2018
Total read in 2019 thus far: 2/100
Challenges the book fits: Play Book Tag Monthly Tag (Action and Adventure), Lifetime Reads (2018)
Favorite Quote: “Fionn had reached the following conclusion: some things, and impossible things most especially, were worth the risk of punishment.”

This is a story about an island that is magical, a boy who needs some hope and a grandfather who is a bit odd (like all grandfathers should be). Every generation the island chooses a Storm Keeper, whose job it is to track the weather and hold on to the magic of the island. Unfortunately, there are some who would like to be the Storm Keeper so that they may use the magic for themselves. Fionn Boyle just wants to make his mom happy again and so is trying to find a sea cave that is said to grant wishes, but the sea cave only grants one wish and there are many people who would like to find it.

I don’t tend to read a lot of Middle Grade fiction but this one was just so sweet and magical. It made me happy and sad (sometimes at the same time) and I really felt connected to the characters of the story. I am not sure that this story would have been grasped by its intended audience and this was my only fault with the book.

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