As I mentioned in this post, I am participating in Biannual Bibliothon from 12-18 January. Christian has decided to join me and has planned a book for each challenge but is going into it more casually, knowing he won’t be able to read nearly as much. I thought I would share our planned TBR for the readathon.

Challenge 1: Read the group book

This one is simple as it is decided by the hosts:


Challenge 2: Read one of the hosts 5 star reads

AJ’s choice: Summer of Salt


Christian’s choice: Pivot Point


Challenge 3: Reread a book that got you into reading

AJ’s choice:


Christian’s choice:


Challenge 4: Read an adult book

AJ’s choice:


Christian’s choice:


Challenge 5: A favorite genre in a format you don’t like

AJ’s choice:

22020592 (I don’t like anthologies)

Christian’s choice:

fairest_cover (Christian doesn’t like novellas)

Challenge 6: A book with a cover you don’t like

AJ’s choice:


Christian’s choice:


Challenge 7: A book by an author you have never read before

AJ’s choice:

I am going to allow this book to be a mood read as I have many books on my TBR by new-to-me authors at the moment.

Christian’s choice:


If any of these books interest you, click on the cover to purchase them.

If you are participating, comment what is on your TBR and feel free to join in with us! Follow me on Twitter (@aj_timberlake) for more regular updates.

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